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Birch Coffee School

Welcome to the Birch Coffee Education Center. Are you a big coffee junkie and curious about where your daily cup comes from? Have you always wanted to know how they pour those cool hearts or flowery looking things in your latte? Are you looking to hone your home brewing skills and impress your partner with a killer cup of coffee before he/she wakes up in the morning?

Well, look no further. Here is where you will find all of that. And then some! Please have a look through our weekly 2-3 hour classes where you walk out with the tools to really make an amazing cup of coffee or just impress your friends.

Birch Coffee School

What Classes Are We Offering?

Barista Training &
Technical Skills

– Espresso Theory & Basics
– Equipment Ops & Maintenance
– Milk Texturing
– Latte Art Mastery
– Drink Assembly

**Takeaways: A Whole New Set of Skills and a Killer cup of Coffee!**

3 Hour Class



Coffee 101 & Home

– The History of Coffee
– The Art of Grinding Coffee
– Chemex Home Brewing
– Drip Home Brewing
– French Press Home Brewing

**Takeaways: A Home Brewing Kit!**

1 Hour Class



Public Coffee

– Learn the Flavor Wheel
– Learn what Specialty Coffee is all about
– Go through the Coffee Cupping (Tasting) Process

**Takeaways: Learn a Whole New Language to Describe Coffee!**

1.5 Hour Class



Who will be giving the classes?

Paul and Jeremy are the founders of Birch Coffee. What began as just their mere desire to bring people together over coffee has turned into something so much bigger and greater. They opened their first shop in 2009 and took some time to learn the ropes of running a small business and serving great coffee. They took time meeting the people that came in daily and started cultivating relations with the people that truly appreciated what they were trying to accomplish.