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Feb 13th Birch -01-01

Allison Dayka is a 24-year old Brooklyn-based artist and designer.
Born and raised in Upstate, New York she developed a life long
dedication to art and fashion. Following her graduation, Allison
moved to Brooklyn to pursue a degree in Communications
and more importantly care for her Great Aunt. It was during this difficult time that Allison discovered her ability to express her
inner most emotions through paint strokes on a canvas.

Allison works with acrylic and mixed media on canvas. Her
competitive advantage is her ability to create pieces that are
simultaneously thought provoking and controversial.

All Allison Dayka pieces are uniquely inspired and one-of-a-kind. If any
of the artwork you have witnessed has kindled your spirit
or roused your passion, please reach out to Allison directly
to arrange a personal consultation for your custom designed creation.

She can be reached via email at or by phone (845)706-6347.


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