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Service & parties.

Service & parties.

Our friends over at Birthdays and Bottles are void-fillers. They like serving and dreaming. They’re ideal seekers. And they started a business from a need they saw…pretty awesome stuff. They also have great taste in music.

Joshua, founder, talks about how it all began…


As our service is free and offers the client a better deal and overall experience than if they were to plan something on their own, it is a true win-win. Most of the time when people hear something that sounds to good to be true, they shy away and may not give you the opportunity to prove yourself. We experienced this when we first started offering our service but moved on from it quickly after establishing a sound reputation in party and event planning. Once you’re a proven concept, the word spreads and a potential client’s wariness ceases to exist or be an issue. 

On a personal level, we wanted to build a company that embodied our outlook when it came to what one’s experience of planning a party or event in New York should be. That lead to the birth of our fun and easy-to-use service that is operated by helpful and honest professionals, while at no cost to the client. As entrepreneurs, there’s nothing quite as gratifying as identifying a void in a particular market and then filling it with your vision and passion.


We’re totally on board with that! Do you do anything other than party planning at the moment?

 Anyone just starting out in our industry who may looking for advice along the way is strongly recommended to contact myself or anyone from our team. We would be delighted to help you in building your dream business. I am available via email at You can also visit our website at


Awesome. Party planner by night, dream builder by day. How’d you get into the planning scene?

The short answer is that we love to party. The long answer is several years back, as we were frequenting many different types of parties and events in New York City, we saw a growing need for a solution to help those who wanted to plan parties and events in the city without breaking the bank. This need was definitely heightened by the changes in the economy, which consequently squeezed everyone, especially young professionals living in and around New York City. We’re proud to say we’ve offered our service to thousands of these young professionals and have successfully put together unparalleled events and nights out in the city for them. 


So, we have to ask, if you could throw the ultimate, unparalleled party, who’d be your DJ and where would you have it?

Location: Table Mountain in Cape Town, South Africa

We would have a  jukebox phone app in place that would allow everyone at our party to participate as an amateur DJ.


Alright then. Can’t beat that. To throw it back a little bit to when we’re pretty sure iPhones didn’t exist…when was the last time you listened to an 8-track?

Probably when I was 6 riding along in my dad’s Nissan 300ZX.


And because we foresee a pro-wrestling career in your future…what would be your entrance song if you were a professional wrestler?

Thunderstruck by ACDC


Birch Loves You.



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