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Dear Central Park, #BirchLovesYou

Dear Hollywood, #BirchLovesYou

Dear Hollywood,

Dear Chicago, #BirchLovesYou

Dear Chicago,

Dear Brooklyn Bridge, #BirchLovesYou

Dear Brooklyn Bridge,








Our #TravelingCupOfLove
has visited some pretty awesome places so far,
but as the wise men themselves said, we all,
“get by with a little help from our friends.”

In this big ol’ world, he’s got a lot left to see! If you are traveling somewhere over the course of this holiday season, and our little cup has not yet been there, he wants to go with you! Take him along, and you could a) have a really awesome adventure & b) win an Aeropress coffee brewer.

Here’s what to do to enter:

1. When you stop by the shop to grab your pre-travel coffee, ask your barista for an extra cup.

2. Then, Sharpie in your destination of choice, go on an adventure, and have a little photo shoot!

3. Post your photo on Instagram in similar fashion to the examples above,
tagging #TravellingCupOfLove & @Birchcoffee.



We will be re-posting your adventures on our feed throughout the next month and a half, so be sure and keep tabs on his whereabouts.

Entries must be received by midnight, 2014, and the winner will be announced on New Year’s Day!

We look forward to seeing all of your amazing ventures, and are excited to spread a ton of love this holiday season with your help!




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