As you know, every month, we feature a different artist’s work on our walls.  This month, we’re excited to share with you the photography of Peter A. Keady whose beautiful and moving photographs will be on display from September 3rd -29th.

Keady has been photographing for over 25 years; he started out as a press photographer and moved toward freelance photography for the corporate world. His passion in photography has always been in sharing people’s stories with others through images, using the photographic essay to convey the complete story. Photography, Keady says, “ties together my passion for telling stories through the visual medium of photography and my personal ministry/humanitarian efforts.”

Here’s a bit of info about the work from the artist himself:

The photos were made in three locations, Dominican Republic in 2005; Belize, Central America, 2007; and Burkina Faso, Africa, 2011. All three trips to these countries were ministry/mission trips which put us into the center of common life with common people. I chose the word, “Simplicity” for title of the show because that was the overarching theme that these people share in their way of life. Simplicity. They had far, far less than most others yet their contentment was plainly obvious. Some lived in significantly difficult situations.