Happy Monday everyone!

This week we’re bringing you some new tunes from HOT CHIP’s new album “In Our Heads.” Below is ┬áthe viral video the band posted, and we have to say, it made us a little dizzy. Enjoy the video for their new song “Flutes” and purchase the album ASAP. It’s sure to get you hyped up as much as our coffee…

…another great album recently released is “Synthetica” by Canada’s Metric, and we think it’s great! Check out the lyric video for their track “Dreams So Real” here. This song is hauntingly beautiful and we want all of you to hear it! Purchase a ticket to one of their US shows and you can get their album with your ticket purchase! How cool is that?

…last, but certainty not least, we can’t get enough of “Prime Mover” from the awesome Alex M.O.R.P.H. The video for “An Angel’s Love” provides some great shots of our beloved N.Y.C and is sure to have you dancing at your desk!