Hey coffee lovers! Who would’ve ever thought coffee could be accompanied by some quality accessories? And we’re not talking about bedazzling your coffee cup (although that can be facinating.) The Coffree and Coffee Joulies are to coffee what a sweet pair of sunglasses and shiny new bracelet are to a new outfit.

At Birch, we’re all about being eco-friendly and The Coffree takes coffee sustainability to another level. The concept of this new packaging revolves around the idea that the container should be multi-functional to serve your coffee needs. It comes pre-loaded with coffee grounds, the removable seal acts as a stirrer, and the tab is pulled to unfold the biodegradable packaging into cup form. All you need to do is add hot water and drink!

The Coffee Joulies on the other hand, focuses on the temperature aspect of coffee brewing. This new accessory keeps coffee between 130 degrees and 140 degrees – the ideal temperature! And what’s more is that you’re coffee won’t get cold within 5 minutes after the brew. The Coffee Joulies absorbs thermal energy, slowly releases it, and keeps the perfect temperature for twice as long. Pretty cool right? Check it out onĀ http://www.joulies.com/.