Elite Daily published an article today in their Entrepreneurship section, praising Birch founders and the creative coffee culture they brought to NYC. By selling a product they love and believe in, and by following through with their intent to create, above all, a comfortable environment for the multitude of city-going caffeine consumers, our founders have simply redefined coffee shop success.

Jeremy, one of two Birch founders, who is all about ‘starting small’, states in his interview with Elite, “Starting my own business has been the most rewarding thing I have experienced to date. It has taken me to so many different places I never would have thought I could go…

Read the full article here from Elite Dailyto hear about how our founders started out, where they are planning on heading,  and what exactly makes Birch so different from the coffee shop across the street. You might even find yourself taking the advice of our founder – the advice you’ve been looking for all along.

Birch Founders, Paul and Jeremy