Hurricane Irene is rapidly approaching (at least, that’s what everyone’s saying) so we started thinking about what you could do if you really are trapped inside all weekend.

Stock up on DVDs or catch up on your movie watching with your Netflix Instant queue  – check out Time Out NY’s great little list of the top 50 movies of the decade, from 40-Year-Old Virgin to Donnie Darko to There Will Be Blood and everything in between.

If the electricty goes out, Gothamist has created a Hurricane Bingo game for you to play by candlelight.  Or by daylight, if it’s still light outside.

But however you pass the time, please make sure to be careful – here’s a guide from NY Mag to help us all figure out how to prepare.

And hey, maybe stop by Birch today and pick up some of our delicious coffee to make at home this weekend in case you can’t make it over here to get your fix.