We love music here at Birch, and so we’re loving this innovative music technology post by Cassandra Daily!

First up we’ve got the Barcode Band.  The trio behind this project created a series of barcodes that make specific instrumental sounds when scanned, then arranged the barcodes visually into instrument shapes.  If only they could find a way to implement this technology into everyday grocery shopping!

Perhaps our favorite of the bunch, the DJ Cooker plays downloaded tracks while also acting as a spinning hot plate for pots and pans set on top of it.  Chefs-turned-DJs can use side controllers to “scratch” and mash-up tracks.  Amazing! A true invitation to multitask.

Imogen Heap (of “Hide And Seek” fame) created The Listening Chair, a “pod-like seat equipped with a camera and microphone to capture the song-related insights of those who sit on it.”  Can we get one of these for our shop?

Check out more details on all of the above here!