If you’re like most New Yorkers you probably commute to work on the subway, and it’s a perfect way to squeeze in your summer reading. On any given day you can find someone with their nose buried in the pages of a good paperback, enjoying the relief of the air conditioned subway car for at least a few stops. Street Photographer, Ourit Ben-Haim, keeps the pulse on what New Yorkers are reading by capturing subway-readers in the act in his blog, Underground New York Public Library.

When asked why he photographs his “Reading-Riders” Ben Haim claims, “Photographically speaking, the subway works well as context for a series on reading. The constant backdrop is one of journey and destination, and this connects to my philosophy on reading and riding. I see life as a journey towards ourselves, and reading is a primary vehicle towards this destination. While our daily affairs may distract us, reading en route is an act of remembrance that counters whatever we’ll soon become busy with.” You can read more about his work in an interview on storyboard.tumblr.com.

So Birch wants to know, what are you reading this summer? Stop by for an iced coffee and a find a cool spot to read in our library!