When people think of “green” today, most think of the environment and what impacts, whether it be positive or negative, are being made on it. Being “green” is no longer a trend. It’s a way of living.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, home composting can divert about 700 pounds of waste per household back into the soil every year. Most of what you throw in the garbage ends up in one of two places: landfills, where it takes ages to break down, or incinerators, which can cause air pollution. However, there’s an easy way to help eliminate up to 24% waste each year: composting.  It may seem overwhelming or intimidating at first but keep reading, we’re going to show you how simple it can be.

There are some products to create a compost in your own home! You can use the compost to fertilize a beautiful garden (for free!) Or there are so many compost sites within the city. Find out more about where your local composting sites are located and what happens to your compost by visiting NYC.gov.