Coffee Shop Lead Weekly Report

Customer Service
Engaging customers digitally is a critical part of the job. Did you check your square feedback and reply in kind? What stood out? If something positive, did you tell your crew member you appreciated the good work? If negative, did you correct the issue?
Please be as detailed as possible.
Your Team
Who are your standouts? Why are they standouts? Are you feeling you can rely more on them? Why or why not? Who picked up others slack? Has anyone expressed interest in taking on more responsibility? What have you done to praise their work?
Were you able to jump on any coachable moments? Who has not been performing well? Any thoughts as to why? How can you help get them on the right track? If you do not think you can, what might be a suggestion as to why?
Please tell us! We want to hear about it.
The Store
The store should be fully stocked at all times. Customers like seeing consistency. Where was that? Where was it lacking?
Are there repairs that need to be tended to? Things needing repainting? Are shelves constantly dusty? Pipes? Please be as specific as you can.
Were items constantly repeating themselves? Were there maintenance issues that needed handling? Were those submitted on the maintenance page? Are employees getting along? How are the MODs interacting with one another?
Please use this to let us know anything that may have been missed above. Are there any thoughts or ideas that you have on ways to improve things?