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Good People, Good Places

Behind every great sip of specialty coffee is not only a well-selected bean, but a beautifully roasted one, too. You know that old saying, “If you want something done right, you must do it yourself”? The only people we trust with our beans is ourselves. Every cup of Birch Coffee that you enjoy is the product of small-batch, manual roasting in Long Island City, by our hands.

Our coffee selections will vary with the seasons, and the harvest timing in different regions, but the integrity with which we roast will always stay the same. We make sure that not one bean gets burned, and every batch is held to the same standard of quality as our best. That’s roasting with love.


We’re extremely proud of our shops here in New York, but we know the love needs to spread beyond the four walls of Birch’s specialty stores. If you’re looking to open a shop and source some of the finest coffee in town, then we’ve got a special treat for you.

We’re proud to introduce you to our wholesale program, where you can get the same micro-roasted goodness that you get at any Birch location right in

your own shop. It’s all roasted in our LIC roasting house, and delivered right to your door.

You’ll work with one of the friendliest delivery teams in town, and can rest easy knowing you’ll be getting specialty coffee from people who really love what they do. Feel free to contact us anytime at You’ll be glad you did—and your customers will, too.

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