Weekly Report

Complete Your Report Weekly
It's critical that we are setting goals for ourselves and achieving them as best we can. At the beginning of the week it's imperative that we set those up and work our best to accomplish them. Some may not be tackled which is okay. Let's focus in this section on what we did accomplish.
What were some of the goals that you had intended to accomplish but got away from you. This is okay and will happen. As long as you are making sure that they are being handled and getting a better handle on your time, we're in good shape.
Who are your standouts? Why are they standouts? Are you feeling you can rely more on them? Why or why not? Who picked up others slack? Has anyone expressed interest in taking on more responsibility?
Who has not been performing well? Any thoughts as to why? How can you help get them on the right track? If you do not think you can, what might be a suggestion as to why?
There are often common issues that arise that multiple staff members struggle with. When we can accurately evaluate those and fix them, we'll be making the staffs lives easier. Take your time to think about this.
Tell us about any interactions between staff and a customer, any specific comments on square feedback, on yelp, etc. How could these have been averted if negative? Did you submit anything on the customer service form?
Were items constantly repeating themselves? Were there maintenance issues that needed handling? Were those submitted on the maintenance page? Are employees getting along? How are the MODs interacting with one another?
Please use this to let us know anything that may have been missed above. Are there any thoughts or ideas that you have on ways to improve things?